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Gotham Steel Bakeware Review: Pros and Cons

Gotham Steel Bakeware Review: Pros and Cons

If you are a baker, you’ll know that non-stick pans are the perfect addition to your kitchen because you can use them without coating and dusting the pans repeatedly before baking. They let you save time and make your work a lot easy.  Enter, the Gotham Steel Bakeware set. It includes five different non-stick coated pans for oven use: a cookie sheet, square pan, round pan, a loaf pan, and a muffin pan. You can use them to bake perfect pastries every time.

Gotham Steel pans have the patented Ti-Cerama coating, which is a combination of titanium and ceramic. These materials are inert and won’t affect the taste food or its edibility. If you love non-stick pans but are worried about the kind of substances that might seep into your diet, then Gotham Steel makes theirs extremely food-safe. If you want a reliable set of baking pans, read on to find out more about the Gotham Steel bakeware.

Advantages of Buying Gotham Steel Pans

  1. Ti-Cerama coating

Let’s talk about the Ti-Cerama coating. Like previously said, this innovative design makes the pans food-safe and healthy, since you won’t have to use much shortening to prevent food from sticking. You also will be happy to know that the titanium also makes your Gotham Steel baking pans ultra-durable and that the ceramic coating makes them heat up quickly so that you can bake in less time than usual.

  1. Cleaning convenience

These non-stick baking pans are very easy to clean. If you don’t enjoy that part of the baking process, these are the best pans for you. Washing them will be a breeze, and you will come to enjoy baking more because of it. Whether you’re a home or commercial baker, these pans will lessen the time you spend cleaning and more time creating baked goods for your family and clients. These baking pans are also dishwasher-safe, so no need to exert so much effort to clean them.

  1. Fast heating

Having a ceramic coating means that Gotham Steel bakeware sets have high heat capacity. This advantage means that you can use each of them to bake at temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit and you won’t have to wait a long time for your pans to heat up to the right temperature.

  1. Durable and scratch-free

These baking pans are of a high-grade material that makes them durable and scratch-free. You can even use metal, wood, or plastic utensils for mixing and they won’t scratch. Another advantage is that these pans are rust-free, and bakers love that because baking pans tend to rust if you park them in cupboards for a long time.

  1. Variety

This set comes with five pieces that you can use to bake just about anything. Pies, cakes, bread, muffins, name it, there are tons of recipes to try. If you have the extra funds, buying two sets is highly-recommended, so that you can take advantage of your ample oven space and save time baking.

Some Disadvantages of Buying Gotham Steel Bakeware

  1. Non-induction cookware

You can use Gotham Steel pans in just about anything, except on induction stoves. They will not heat up because they aren’t magnetic, not that you’ll need to use baking pans for stove-top cooking.

  1. Cooking time adjustments

Since these pans heat up a lot quicker than other types of pans, baking time takes some getting used to because various kinds of ovens perform differently. After a while, you will learn to adjust the time of baking based on your oven’s “personality.”

  1. Sizes are limited

The Gotham Steel baking pans are perfect if you’re looking for a basic set to use and are not making tiered-cakes since the round and square pans each only come in one size. Although the other pans come in various shapes, the available sizes restrict the kind of cakes that you can make. They didn’t anticipate that you’ll be needing a size 6-7-8-9-10-11-12” too if they’re looking to position themselves in the baking world seriously.

  1. May warp in extreme changes temperatures

Warping is typical with the cookie sheets especially when you expose them to sudden changes in temperature. For this reason, it is essential to lower your oven settings for gradual heating and to bake frequently and know your pans’ capabilities inside your oven. Taking this step can prevent warping of your baking sheets. Also, like any other type of bakeware, you should take proper care of your Gotham Steel to avoid warping or chipping.


Baking Ideas for Your Gotham Steel Bakeware

You can create tons of classic baked goods using your Gotham Steel baking pans. Use the round pan for making single-tier cakes, quiches, pizzas, and pies. The thing that will undoubtedly slow you down is the number of pans that you have, which is why buying more than one set is a must. Later on, you will also know why this is crucial.

With the square pan, you can make brownies, bake meats, lasagna, and other pasta dishes. On the other hand, your cookie tray is excellent for baking square pizzas, sheet cakes, and many more. You can use your loaf pan for baking various types of bread.

Caring for Your Pans Properly

Here are some ways to help you care for your pans and prolong their non-stick coating and service:

  1. Your Gotham Steel bakeware requires proper care to prevent warping and chipping of the non-stick coating. The quick-heating feature of the pans can sometimes cause the thin sheets to become uneven. One way to dodge this is to bake at a lower temperature than usual.
  2. If your pan bends out of shape after using it in a hot oven, remove and let it cool. Most of the time, they revert to their forms in no time. Don’t place it immediately in cold water or it will result in permanent buckling.
  3. Wash the pans using a gentle foam in soap and water solution. Although these pans are safe to put in a dishwasher, I would prefer this method over it.
  4. Buy extra sets because using the pans again and again in one baking session will cause your cakes to stick on the sides of your baking trays. If you really must bake, you can work your way around this by using vegetable oil, spray, and parchment paper especially in the pan corners where the cakes would most likely stick.
  5. Your Gotham Steel bakeware, just like any other baking pans require diligent care. Don’t use sharp utensils to score your baked goods while they are still in the pans even if they are scratch-free. Also, expect some wear and tear over time.

Hope these things help you decide whether buying Gotham Steel bakeware is right for you. 





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