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Gotham Steel Cookware vs. Red Copper – Are they the Same?

Gotham Steel Cookware vs. Red Copper – Are they the Same?


People get dissatisfied when much-hyped products fall short of expectation. That may change with the Gotham Steel Cookware. If you’ve seen how amazing each set looks on TV, just wait until you try it and verify how it measures up to other non-stick cookware brands. Many liken the set of pans with another famous line of cookware, so read Gotham Steel reviews before buying and find out the facts between Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper pans.

Pros of Buying a Set of Gotham Steel Pans


Healthy cooking has become the craze nowadays and for a good reason. The kind of food and substances that you ingest and expose your body to affects your health, and this also includes cookware, which essentially touches the food that you eat.

Non-stick and Inert

Gotham Steel Cookware sets are non-stick, non-reactive pots and pans that you can use to prepare meals using little to no cooking oil at all. You can be sure that no chemicals will leak into the food that you eat, and you can limit the fat that you consume because the food will cook in its own juice.


There are many other benefits to using Gotham Steel pans aside from helping you cook nutritious foods. You can prepare one-pan meals in a few minutes, making it perfect for people on-the-go and if you don’t like using multiple cookware to cook a single dish.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage is that owning a Gotham pan makes for an easy cleaning because food doesn’t stick at all, which is consistent with the buyer comments that you’ll find in many Gotham Steel Reviews. They are dishwasher safe. As for durability, these pans are tops. Metal utensils don’t scratch them because they are of high-grade titanium and ceramic material.

Can take 500 Degree Fahrenheit Heat

These pans can also double as bake wares since you can pop them inside an oven anytime. Additionally, the ceramic coating ensures that your Gotham Steel pans are ultra-durable and could withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Drawbacks in Buying Gotham Steel Cookware

Brand Longevity

Gotham Steel is a new brand of kitchenware, and if you are looking for track record and longevity concerning sales of Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper pans, you will naturally find more people who have bought the Red Copper brand. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not as good as the other.

Sizes: Good for Up to a Family of 5

While Gotham Steel Cookware comes in various sizes, we can’t wish enough that they offer broader and deeper versions of the pots and pans for cooking large batches of stews and frying or searing bigger meat or other types of food. At the time of writing, the largest frying pan that they have is at 12.5 inches, and the biggest pot they have is a 5-qt deep casserole, which is typically as big as a regular mixing bowl, and good enough if you’re cooking for a family of five. However, larger families would have to prepare more batches or more frequently, just in case.


Some would find Gotham Steel pans to be expensive, and they are costlier if you will buy per piece. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase an entire set to ensure that you get a good deal. Personally, I also think that this is because Gotham pans offer slightly-bigger sizes than other brands.

Not for Induction Cooking

Since Gotham Steel Pans are of a non-magnetic, titanium-ceramic material, they are not your best choices for induction cooking. This might disappoint you if you use an induction stove or oven at home, but it’s always great to know you have an alternative for a good non-stick pan. Gotham Steel Cookware is still worth a try.


Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper


Finally, you may have noticed how the pans closely resemble each other. Even those who have written Gotham Steel Reviews would tell you that these brands must have come from the same company. However, while there are many similarities with the two brands, there are also subtle differences. Let’s start with the things that are common between the two brands.

Both brands offer high-quality pans for their prices. Despite Gotham Steel pans being the more expensive option, they are still affordable, and you get the best deal for your money. Both are of food-safe, high-grade materials, and have excellent non-stick characteristics that no other type of material can top. Both can cook any kind of food well and deliver their promise of healthy cooking fantastically.


The slight differences come from the sizes and the type of material that was used to forge the two brands of cookware. Gotham Steel Cookware is wider or bigger by about half an inch than the Red Copper pans. The titanium-ceramic material, called Ti-Cerama helps the frying pan retain heat longer and makes it durable. On the other hand, Red Copper’s copper-ceramic material makes the pans heat up faster since copper is an excellent conductor.

Like previously mentioned, Gotham Steel pans are not ideal for induction cooking, whereas Red Copper pans are. There is some difference in the price of the cookware, but personally, I think this is because the Gotham Steel variants are slightly bigger than the Red Copper ones.

Caring for Your Gotham Steel Pans or Red Copper Pans

Most Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper articles and videos would show you that these pans are legitimately scratch-free. While they are made with extremely durable materials, your pots and pans may exhibit signs of use over time. Please don’t expect them to still look brand new many years from now.

The most ideal way to clean your ceramic-coated pans is to let them cool down after use, wipe off the food juices, and clean the surface like usual, meaning with soap and water using a non-abrasive material. Both videos would probably show you that wiping is enough. However, for health safety purposes, always wash your pots and pans after using and then dry them.

Use them carefully as you would your ordinary pots and pans to ensure that their non-stick characteristic does not wear off. Follow the cooking temperature recommendations and never try using them if the heat will exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, use them often to prepare delicious food to see the difference that they can do to your health, and to convince you to upgrade all of your cookware with healthier options like Gotham Steel pots and pans.




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