• Pizzazz Rotating Pizza Oven Review: Great College Dorm Room Gift

    Pizzazz Rotating Pizza Oven Review: Great College Dorm Room Gift

    If you haven’t heard of the Presto Pizzazz pizza oven, then be ready to be amazed because here’s a machine that will help you make amazing pizzas in minutes. You might feel skeptical about buying this machine if you’re a seasoned baker because pizza crusts need to cook in extremely high temperatures, but this thing works. It is better than a conventional oven because you can get that characteristic crunch and pop that you’re looking for in a pizza crust.

    The Presto Pizzazz is a convenient addition to your kitchen arsenal. If you live in a college dorm, it might be the only thing you need to cook or heat up your food. It works like an oven toaster, but it’s much more convenient and as powerful as a conventional oven. Here are some pros and cons if you’re looking to buy the Pizza Pizzazz for your home and to convince you to buy it for your college dorm.


    1. Cooks in minutes

    This machine heats up your pizza through the heating coils on the top and bottom. A round pizza pan locks in place and sits on top of the bottom loop and rotates your pizza for even cooking. You can whip up a 12-inch pizza in as little as 20 minutes, which is just about the time it will take you to do so using a conventional oven.

    1. Non-stick

    The rotating pan is non-stick, and you can cook food without adding oil, making your Pizzazz pizza maker quite the healthy option for a dorm room cooker.

    1. Versatile

    Although its name indicates that it’s for cooking pizza, you can also use it for baking cookies and reheating food like fried chicken, fries, veggies, and more. It has three settings that allow you to use only the top, the bottom, or both heating coils.

    1. Compact

    One of the reasons that this machine is perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments is because it takes up too little space you can tuck it away in a tiny corner after use. The rotating pan is removable, and your Presto rotating pizza oven can transform into an unassuming device in seconds. Your fancy coffeemaker might even be bigger than the Pizzazz Pizza cooker.

    1. Easy-to-use

    This pizza cooker is also very easy to use. It works like plug-and-play. More importantly, it is easy to clean. Just detach the rotating pan and wash with dishwashing soap and water. Perfect for those who don’t have time as well as the space to clean bulky and complicated appliances.

    1. Energy-saving

    Cook your food according to package instructions, and you will surely save tons of energy costs using this appliance. Imagine not having to pre-heat an entire oven to cook pizza or reheat your leftovers.


    There are also some disadvantages to anticipate if you decide to purchase a Pizzazz Pizza Oven. These are the things that you should deal with if ever you are getting one.

    1. Open cooking

    This machine is not suitable for use near small children and pets because it is too open. It’s quite a hazard to use it near them. The exposed hot coils and the rotating pan is easy to reach for inquisitive little kids and pets. Also, you can’t operate the machine near flammable materials and substances because of the open hot coils.

    1. Pan may lose non-stick coating overtime

    The non-stick pan may lose its coating as time goes by. However, if you use your rotating pan correctly and care for it diligently, then it will undoubtedly remain “non-stick” for a long time.

    1. Limited space for cooking

    The Pizzazz pizza oven can hold a 12-inch round pizza at a time. You can heat different types of food items if they don’t brush up against the sides of the machine and make it hard for the pan to rotate. Moreover, if you must cook a square pizza, all you need to do is to trim the sides to make it fit and allow the pan to rotate.

    1. Food doesn’t stay hot for too long

    Unlike a conventional oven where you can store your pizza inside while it cools down, you’ll have to devour your pizza as soon as it cooks because the Pizzazz can’t keep it warm for a long time. Unless of course, you turn it back on for re-heating. It is one of the snags of using the Pizzazz. However, the great thing about it is that you can always have your pizza and sandwiches hot and crisp in no time.

    1. Knobs and design

    The Pizzazz pizza oven has a dial knob that lets you choose which coil/s to use. However, it doesn’t have an on/off button. The probable reason for this is to prevent the pizza pan from warping because the machine continuously air blows the pizza pan even after the timer stops to cool down the pan gradually. Remember, sudden changes in temperature can cause your thin pans to buckle. So, keep this in mind if you are about to dunk your hot pizza pan in soapy water.

    It’s only available in one color, so if you are coordinating your appliances, then that’s the only option you get. The black portion is of durable plastic. It may not be the best-looking appliance in your kitchen, but it will undoubtedly beat the oven and the microwave for its practicality.

    1. Food may stick

    Some food items will stick especially if you’re going to use your rotating pizza oven for reheating food other than pizza. Use a non-stick spray or coat with oil just in case to prevent food from sticking.

    These are some of the disadvantages that you should anticipate if you’re buying a Pizzazz. These are minor compared to the benefits that you will get out of it. The convenience more than outweighs all these drawbacks combined.

    Creative Cooking Ideas for your Pizzazz Pizza Oven

    Your Pizzazz is not only good for cooking pizza. You can reheat fried leftovers like burgers, fries, chicken, and even toast your bread. An even better idea is to pan-sear a thin fish fillet. However, it might take a little longer than doing it on a regular stove. You can also grill veggies using bottom coil heating.

    Your different modes (bottom coil heating, top coil heating, or both) will allow you to use it for broiling, roasting, and the like. It might not have been designed for cooking typical meals, but if you’re in for some improvising and have limited kitchen space, like in a college dorm, then this is a good investment for you.

    For crispier pizza crusts, cook according to package recommendations and then don’t forget to turn the knob down low for a couple of minutes to cook the bottom. Your Pizzazz also comes with a chart that helps you prepare various types of food to perfection, so you don’t have to worry about over- or under-cooking.

    Distribute the food evenly across the rotating pan to ensure even and adequate cooking. It will take some practice to perfect dish with your Pizzazz oven, but if you use it frequently, then you’ll be cooking with your eyes closed in no time.

    How to Care for Your Pizza Pizzazz Oven

    1. Your pizza oven is easy to care for because you’ll only think about two parts: the removable pan and the machine itself. Avoid dropping the kitchen appliance and use an extension cord if it’s too short for the socket. Some food splatter may stick to the plastic portion of your oven, make sure to wipe to prevent food juices from crusting, staining, and harboring bacteria and molds.
    2. Clean the pan with soap and water only when it’s completely cool. Avoid dunking it in cold water right after using it because doing so could result in buckling.
    3. The pan is non-stick, but it’s not scratch-free, so avoid vigorously scraping stuck food particles on your rotating pan. If some food sticks, wait for the pan to cool down before soaking it in warm soap and water until the gunge absorbs the water and loosens out of the pan.
    4. Keep your machine inside a box or a cupboard and away from inquisitive kids to avoid unwanted injuries. This tip will also ensure that your pizza oven’s power cord is safe and won’t unravel or kink.

    These are some of the reminders to keep in mind when caring for your pizza oven. Hope this article helps you decide whether or not the pizza Pizzazz is right for you.




  • Gotham Steel Bakeware Review: Pros and Cons

    Gotham Steel Bakeware Review: Pros and Cons

    If you are a baker, you’ll know that non-stick pans are the perfect addition to your kitchen because you can use them without coating and dusting the pans repeatedly before baking. They let you save time and make your work a lot easy.  Enter, the Gotham Steel Bakeware set. It includes five different non-stick coated pans for oven use: a cookie sheet, square pan, round pan, a loaf pan, and a muffin pan. You can use them to bake perfect pastries every time.

    Gotham Steel pans have the patented Ti-Cerama coating, which is a combination of titanium and ceramic. These materials are inert and won’t affect the taste food or its edibility. If you love non-stick pans but are worried about the kind of substances that might seep into your diet, then Gotham Steel makes theirs extremely food-safe. If you want a reliable set of baking pans, read on to find out more about the Gotham Steel bakeware.

    Advantages of Buying Gotham Steel Pans

    1. Ti-Cerama coating

    Let’s talk about the Ti-Cerama coating. Like previously said, this innovative design makes the pans food-safe and healthy, since you won’t have to use much shortening to prevent food from sticking. You also will be happy to know that the titanium also makes your Gotham Steel baking pans ultra-durable and that the ceramic coating makes them heat up quickly so that you can bake in less time than usual.

    1. Cleaning convenience

    These non-stick baking pans are very easy to clean. If you don’t enjoy that part of the baking process, these are the best pans for you. Washing them will be a breeze, and you will come to enjoy baking more because of it. Whether you’re a home or commercial baker, these pans will lessen the time you spend cleaning and more time creating baked goods for your family and clients. These baking pans are also dishwasher-safe, so no need to exert so much effort to clean them.

    1. Fast heating

    Having a ceramic coating means that Gotham Steel bakeware sets have high heat capacity. This advantage means that you can use each of them to bake at temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit and you won’t have to wait a long time for your pans to heat up to the right temperature.

    1. Durable and scratch-free

    These baking pans are of a high-grade material that makes them durable and scratch-free. You can even use metal, wood, or plastic utensils for mixing and they won’t scratch. Another advantage is that these pans are rust-free, and bakers love that because baking pans tend to rust if you park them in cupboards for a long time.

    1. Variety

    This set comes with five pieces that you can use to bake just about anything. Pies, cakes, bread, muffins, name it, there are tons of recipes to try. If you have the extra funds, buying two sets is highly-recommended, so that you can take advantage of your ample oven space and save time baking.

    Some Disadvantages of Buying Gotham Steel Bakeware

    1. Non-induction cookware

    You can use Gotham Steel pans in just about anything, except on induction stoves. They will not heat up because they aren’t magnetic, not that you’ll need to use baking pans for stove-top cooking.

    1. Cooking time adjustments

    Since these pans heat up a lot quicker than other types of pans, baking time takes some getting used to because various kinds of ovens perform differently. After a while, you will learn to adjust the time of baking based on your oven’s “personality.”

    1. Sizes are limited

    The Gotham Steel baking pans are perfect if you’re looking for a basic set to use and are not making tiered-cakes since the round and square pans each only come in one size. Although the other pans come in various shapes, the available sizes restrict the kind of cakes that you can make. They didn’t anticipate that you’ll be needing a size 6-7-8-9-10-11-12” too if they’re looking to position themselves in the baking world seriously.

    1. May warp in extreme changes temperatures

    Warping is typical with the cookie sheets especially when you expose them to sudden changes in temperature. For this reason, it is essential to lower your oven settings for gradual heating and to bake frequently and know your pans’ capabilities inside your oven. Taking this step can prevent warping of your baking sheets. Also, like any other type of bakeware, you should take proper care of your Gotham Steel to avoid warping or chipping.


    Baking Ideas for Your Gotham Steel Bakeware

    You can create tons of classic baked goods using your Gotham Steel baking pans. Use the round pan for making single-tier cakes, quiches, pizzas, and pies. The thing that will undoubtedly slow you down is the number of pans that you have, which is why buying more than one set is a must. Later on, you will also know why this is crucial.

    With the square pan, you can make brownies, bake meats, lasagna, and other pasta dishes. On the other hand, your cookie tray is excellent for baking square pizzas, sheet cakes, and many more. You can use your loaf pan for baking various types of bread.

    Caring for Your Pans Properly

    Here are some ways to help you care for your pans and prolong their non-stick coating and service:

    1. Your Gotham Steel bakeware requires proper care to prevent warping and chipping of the non-stick coating. The quick-heating feature of the pans can sometimes cause the thin sheets to become uneven. One way to dodge this is to bake at a lower temperature than usual.
    2. If your pan bends out of shape after using it in a hot oven, remove and let it cool. Most of the time, they revert to their forms in no time. Don’t place it immediately in cold water or it will result in permanent buckling.
    3. Wash the pans using a gentle foam in soap and water solution. Although these pans are safe to put in a dishwasher, I would prefer this method over it.
    4. Buy extra sets because using the pans again and again in one baking session will cause your cakes to stick on the sides of your baking trays. If you really must bake, you can work your way around this by using vegetable oil, spray, and parchment paper especially in the pan corners where the cakes would most likely stick.
    5. Your Gotham Steel bakeware, just like any other baking pans require diligent care. Don’t use sharp utensils to score your baked goods while they are still in the pans even if they are scratch-free. Also, expect some wear and tear over time.

    Hope these things help you decide whether buying Gotham Steel bakeware is right for you. 





  • The Gotham Steel Indoor Smokeless Grill: Your Questions Answered

    The Gotham Steel Indoor Smokeless Grill: Your Questions Answered

    A Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill is a highly-recommended kitchen gadget for anyone who wants a more convenient and a healthier way of cooking your meat and vegetables. The Gotham Steel brand is famous for its non-stick titanium-ceramic material cookware that allows you to prepare perfect dishes in no time.

    The Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill comes with a grill, a griddle, a base, and a drip pan to catch all the juicy excess from the food. Gotham Steel uses a proprietary titanium-ceramic material that they call Ti-Cerama on the griddle and grill, which make for fantastic non-stick cooking. If you are keen on buying an indoor grill, then here are some things that you should know about the Gotham Steel electric grill.

    Read our Pros and Cons below.

    Pros of Buying the Gotham Steel Grill

    Like with anything that you are planning on buying, always learn about the product before paying for a unit. Review articles and videos are the best way to find first-hand information from consumers. First, let us look at the benefits that you will get from buying the Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill.


    The electric smokeless grill is quite easy to use. Plug it, adjust the temperature settings, and then grill. The unit comes with a booklet that serves as an instruction guide where you can find the recommended settings and time duration for cooking each type of food, it’s that easy.

    The grill has a straightforward design, and it doesn’t take a genius to operate it since there is only one knob to control the settings. You can find the settings dial attached to the plug on the left side of the grill.

    Cooks Food Perfectly

    You can expect your food to cook flawlessly with this grill and griddle combo. It works perfectly every time. You don’t have to worry about charring your food at the tray, and you can skillfully sear a meat and fish every single time. Just follow the recommended settings, and you will do fine.


    You may cook a variety of food items using the Gotham Steel grill and griddle. The possibilities are endless. Try it on steaks, fish fillets, vegetables, anything you feel like cooking. Using the grill will allow you to cook such that most of the fat from your food ends up in the drip pan, whereas using the Gotham Steel griddle pan will let you cook the food in its own fat for a juicier outcome.

    Smokeless Seasonal Grilling and “Smokeless” Doesn’t Mean “No Smoke”

    Another advantage of using the Gotham Steel Smokeless grill is that you can use it indoors during winter. No need to worry about setting off the smoke alarms when you do so. However, do keep in mind that “smokeless” doesn’t necessarily mean that the grill won’t ever produce smoke at all. It just says that the smoke that will come out of grilling will be minimal. It also warns you about grilling fatty food items such as burgers and marbled steaks as these would likely produce more smoke than leaner meat.

    Non-Stick Capability

    This characteristic is something that you might know Gotham Steel is good at because its Ti-Cerama cookware is tops when it comes to their non-stick quality. Therefore, it follows that the griddle pan is also brilliantly non-stick. The grill, however, is a different thing. Also, what’s more important is the ability of the kitchen gadget to stay non-stick for a long time. Keep that in mind before buying.

    Dishwasher Safe

    The black base and the drip pan are both dishwasher safe. However, for the parts that have electronic items fixed on them, you will have to wash some areas with soap and water.

    Cons of Buying the Gotham Steel Indoor Grill

    Food at Max Temperatures May Stick

    Some food may cling onto the grill when the setting is set on high. Just take this into consideration when cooking at maximum or high temperatures. Burning your food will most likely cause some of it to stick, so avoid it at all costs. Don’t fret, however, because the grill cleans easily. Also, you can use non-stick spray to further prevent food from sticking, especially if you must use it at the maximum setting.

    Not Totally Smokeless

    The package contains a disclaimer about the grill producing smoke when you’re cooking food with higher fat content. Also, “smokeless” doesn’t necessarily mean 0 smoke. Use it near a window or a vent to make sure that it won’t smoke too much.


    Some may find the Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill to be a little prohibitive, but for what it can do, you will get your money’s worth.

    Can’t Use it for Camping if There’s No Electricity

    Unfortunately, you can’t use it for camping if you’re going to an area where there is no electricity. However, if you can find a place to plug it, then you’re good to go.

    Oil Splatter and Potentially Uneven Cooking

    Expect more oil splatter when using the griddle tray or pan since food will sit and cook in its own fat. Also, keep in mind that food will cook more quickly in the middle, so you might want to rotate your food or meat when you are using this option.

    Caring for Your Gotham Steel Indoor Grill

    Like any other kitchen gadget, your Gotham Steel grill requires proper care in using, cleaning, and storing. Don’t abuse the non-stick and “highly-durable” Ti-Cerama areas of your indoor grill. Use a soft sponge or brush when cleaning. Always make it a point to clean right after use even if you see infomercials and video reviewers just wiping the surface to clean it.

    As for cleaning the Gotham Smokeless grill and the griddle, the instruction booklet might tell you to wait until the pan cools down before washing it. While this is okay in normal circumstances, it may not be the best thing to do if you notice some of the food already sticking on the grill while you are still cooking. Wipe right away before the food particles burn and stick stubbornly on your grill set.

    Some parts of the indoor grill are not dishwasher safe. If a cord or an electronic component is attached to it, then don’t place it inside the dishwasher. Just to be safe, use soap and water when cleaning and always dry it before using again.

    To prevent some of the food from sticking on the grill, coat it with some oil or use non-stick spray for easy cleaning later.

    Some of the food that is likely to stick on the grill and may cause potentially difficult to clean areas are:

    • steak
    • hamburgers
    • and anything that is high in fat.

    You may also trim the meat right before grilling to prevent this from happening.

    All in all, the Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill is a good investment if you love to entertain indoors. You don’t have to worry about greasy smells and charred meat because the instructions for cooking most types of food are clear and straightforward.

    It is also very convenient because you don’t have to prepare the grill and the wood chips before you can start grilling your perfect steak. Also, the Ti-Cerama material lets you cook food in as little time as possible. Use it , and it could serve you for many years and help you prepare professional-looking meals every time.






  • Gotham Steel Cookware vs. Red Copper – Are they the Same?

    Gotham Steel Cookware vs. Red Copper – Are they the Same?


    People get dissatisfied when much-hyped products fall short of expectation. That may change with the Gotham Steel Cookware. If you’ve seen how amazing each set looks on TV, just wait until you try it and verify how it measures up to other non-stick cookware brands. Many liken the set of pans with another famous line of cookware, so read Gotham Steel reviews before buying and find out the facts between Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper pans.

    Pros of Buying a Set of Gotham Steel Pans


    Healthy cooking has become the craze nowadays and for a good reason. The kind of food and substances that you ingest and expose your body to affects your health, and this also includes cookware, which essentially touches the food that you eat.

    Non-stick and Inert

    Gotham Steel Cookware sets are non-stick, non-reactive pots and pans that you can use to prepare meals using little to no cooking oil at all. You can be sure that no chemicals will leak into the food that you eat, and you can limit the fat that you consume because the food will cook in its own juice.


    There are many other benefits to using Gotham Steel pans aside from helping you cook nutritious foods. You can prepare one-pan meals in a few minutes, making it perfect for people on-the-go and if you don’t like using multiple cookware to cook a single dish.

    Low Maintenance

    Another advantage is that owning a Gotham pan makes for an easy cleaning because food doesn’t stick at all, which is consistent with the buyer comments that you’ll find in many Gotham Steel Reviews. They are dishwasher safe. As for durability, these pans are tops. Metal utensils don’t scratch them because they are of high-grade titanium and ceramic material.

    Can take 500 Degree Fahrenheit Heat

    These pans can also double as bake wares since you can pop them inside an oven anytime. Additionally, the ceramic coating ensures that your Gotham Steel pans are ultra-durable and could withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Drawbacks in Buying Gotham Steel Cookware

    Brand Longevity

    Gotham Steel is a new brand of kitchenware, and if you are looking for track record and longevity concerning sales of Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper pans, you will naturally find more people who have bought the Red Copper brand. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not as good as the other.

    Sizes: Good for Up to a Family of 5

    While Gotham Steel Cookware comes in various sizes, we can’t wish enough that they offer broader and deeper versions of the pots and pans for cooking large batches of stews and frying or searing bigger meat or other types of food. At the time of writing, the largest frying pan that they have is at 12.5 inches, and the biggest pot they have is a 5-qt deep casserole, which is typically as big as a regular mixing bowl, and good enough if you’re cooking for a family of five. However, larger families would have to prepare more batches or more frequently, just in case.


    Some would find Gotham Steel pans to be expensive, and they are costlier if you will buy per piece. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase an entire set to ensure that you get a good deal. Personally, I also think that this is because Gotham pans offer slightly-bigger sizes than other brands.

    Not for Induction Cooking

    Since Gotham Steel Pans are of a non-magnetic, titanium-ceramic material, they are not your best choices for induction cooking. This might disappoint you if you use an induction stove or oven at home, but it’s always great to know you have an alternative for a good non-stick pan. Gotham Steel Cookware is still worth a try.


    Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper


    Finally, you may have noticed how the pans closely resemble each other. Even those who have written Gotham Steel Reviews would tell you that these brands must have come from the same company. However, while there are many similarities with the two brands, there are also subtle differences. Let’s start with the things that are common between the two brands.

    Both brands offer high-quality pans for their prices. Despite Gotham Steel pans being the more expensive option, they are still affordable, and you get the best deal for your money. Both are of food-safe, high-grade materials, and have excellent non-stick characteristics that no other type of material can top. Both can cook any kind of food well and deliver their promise of healthy cooking fantastically.


    The slight differences come from the sizes and the type of material that was used to forge the two brands of cookware. Gotham Steel Cookware is wider or bigger by about half an inch than the Red Copper pans. The titanium-ceramic material, called Ti-Cerama helps the frying pan retain heat longer and makes it durable. On the other hand, Red Copper’s copper-ceramic material makes the pans heat up faster since copper is an excellent conductor.

    Like previously mentioned, Gotham Steel pans are not ideal for induction cooking, whereas Red Copper pans are. There is some difference in the price of the cookware, but personally, I think this is because the Gotham Steel variants are slightly bigger than the Red Copper ones.

    Caring for Your Gotham Steel Pans or Red Copper Pans

    Most Gotham Steel vs. Red Copper articles and videos would show you that these pans are legitimately scratch-free. While they are made with extremely durable materials, your pots and pans may exhibit signs of use over time. Please don’t expect them to still look brand new many years from now.

    The most ideal way to clean your ceramic-coated pans is to let them cool down after use, wipe off the food juices, and clean the surface like usual, meaning with soap and water using a non-abrasive material. Both videos would probably show you that wiping is enough. However, for health safety purposes, always wash your pots and pans after using and then dry them.

    Use them carefully as you would your ordinary pots and pans to ensure that their non-stick characteristic does not wear off. Follow the cooking temperature recommendations and never try using them if the heat will exceed 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, use them often to prepare delicious food to see the difference that they can do to your health, and to convince you to upgrade all of your cookware with healthier options like Gotham Steel pots and pans.




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